Long story short, Super 8 sound film has not been made for some time. There are 
some Super 8 cameras that can be synched with a Nagra or similar reorder, but 
that becomes a cumbersome process. If you want to shoot Super 8, you'll have to 
record the sound on a different system (such as a flash recorder), and you 
won't be able to maintain synch for too long. If you want to do this, utilize a 
clapboard or similar synch device, and keep accurate shot logs so that you'll 
have fewer organizational hassles in post-production. That being said, you can 
always adjust the timing of the image track in post production, and get it more 
or less right for shorter shots - just don't expect a 30-60 second take to work 

There's also various ways to fake the synch (such as having people face away 
from the camera while speaking), rely heavily on reaction shots and cutaways, 
and use a minimum of dialogue. I'd suggest you test it out for a single roll 
(or less), and see if shooting dual system is worth it for what you have in 

-Jason Halprin

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My brother and I want to direct and do some short films with Kodak's B&W.  We 
will transfer it to DVD and then to our laptops after we film on the Super8 
cameras.  Is there a way to get sound onto it?  We cannot film sound, or is 
that way still optional?  I was told there is no longer Super8 sound anymore.   
I can put music on any file, but I am wondering how to make the actors have a 
voice with Super8 filming.

Any ideas?


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