I have had some success with treating shrunken/warped film in Vitafilm.  I 
believe that Film Renew is a similar product.

I am not a chemist, so I'm not sure how it works. It does not work in every 
case, so you don't know until you try it. I have some film that is now 
projectable that was not before treatment in Vitafilm. I also use it as a film 
cleaner. I bought a gallon many years ago, and still have about half of it. It 
can be re-used. Follow the instructions - it makes an incredibly difficult to 
remove gummy mess out of any kind of tape - no tape splices!

Tom                    Durham Cinematheque

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Vitafilm is made and sold by Stewart Motion Picture Services, stewartmps.com.

I am pretty skeptical of their claims about slowing vinegar syndrome, but it 
can't hurt to try it.  I didn't find it helped the one print I tried it on, but 
it's inexpensive enough that if it has any chance of helping you might as well.

I think the best solution for vinegar syndrome is to either keep the film out 
in a place where it can outgas safely and not affect other films nearby, or 
seal it up in a can with a bunch of molecular sieves to absorb the acid.
Either one will slow things down by preventing the film from sitting in an 
acidic atmosphere.

Cinelab can still make dirty dupes on 7374 stock too, which is sometimes the 
only way to save material that is disintegrating.

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