The next Synthetic Zero event at BronxArtSpace will be Friday, November 16, 
7-10pm, and is co-curated by Mitsu Hadeishi and Jo Q. Nelson. The show includes 
experimental film, performance, music, video installations, visual art and 
The Synthetic Zero events are a series of art events focusing on high quality 
experimental and contemporary work in different media. We don't typically 
specify a theme in advance for each event but instead work with ideas that 
emerge from the interaction between the submitted work and curatorial 
interests. By working this way, the events reflect back the dialogue and 
practice of artists involved and create evocative encounters for the audience.

experimental film

Nino Strohecker - "Adults Only" - Stockholm, Sweden 
Michael Betancourt - "Star Fish" - Savannah, GA 
Ellie Irons - "Phytoplastic" - Brooklyn NY 
Hope Esser - "And Both Shall Row" - Chicago, IL 
José Simões - "Pim Pam" - Porto, Portugal 
Stefan Riebel - "Untitled 25" - Berlin, Germany 
Davina Lee - "Bright" - Saint Lucia 
Hui Husan Hsu -"Reading" - Edinburgh, UK 
Peter Bo Rappmund - "Three/3: In the Ocean, On Land" - Laguna Beach, CA 
Chiara Passa - "Tales From Space" - Rome, Italy 
Spazi Docili - "Procession through San Lorenzo Market" - Florence, Italy 
Yoav Ruda - "In the Dark Room" - Tel Aviv, Israel 
Charles Chadwick - "1000 Years Alive" - South San Francisco, CA


Steve Rossi - "Reciprocal Ladder" - sculptural performance - Beacon, NY 
Zeesy Powers - "I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think of You" - performance - 
Toronto, Ontario


Chad Stayrook and Julia Oldham - "Anomaly Meter" - installation - New York, NY 
Heather Warren-Crow - "HashtagConfession" - audio installation - Milwaukee, WI 
Grace Kim - "Everness" - video installation - New York, NY / Berlin, Germany 
Lucho Soldevilla - "Manchinery" - video installation - Lima, Peru 
Josef Bares - "Crossing Yangpu Bridge" - video installation - Prague, Czech 
Stefan Riebel - video installation and "Untitled 25" video - Berlin, Germany

still work

Nino Strohecker - photography - Stockholm, Sweden 
Alyssa Casey - sculpture - Brooklyn, NY 
Anna Lise Jensen - photography - Brooklyn, NY 
Laura F. Gibellini - mapping images - New York, NY 
Robert Gould - mixed media - Brooklyn, NY 
Annette Rusin - sculpture - Brooklyn, NY 
Lauren Puchowski - sculpture - Jersey City, NJ 
Steve Rossi - "Sidewalk Alchemy" and "Reciprocal Ladder" - prints and sculpture 
- Beacon, NY

If you would like to submit work for a future show, email us at 
events@syntheticzero.comwith information about your submission; links, images, 
etc. If you'd like to send a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, please mail it to:

Synthetic Zero 
305 E 140th St #1A 
Bronx, NY 10454 
718 772-4961
Preferred formats for video are links to videos posted on Vimeo, YouTube, or a 
file sharing service. 


The art space is at 305 E. 140th St., #1A, Bronx NY 10454.

We're about 20 minutes from Union Square. From Manhattan, 4-5 train to 125th, 
transfer to 6, one stop to 3rd Ave/138th St, it's 2 blocks from there. Note 
there are two exits at 3rd Ave/138th, one at Alexander Ave and one at 3rd Ave. 
Ring 3A or 1B if 1A does not answer.


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