Dear Bernie-------

I am truly shocked and profoundly saddened to hear this news. I didn't know.
Beatriz was a really Big person, with a larger meaning that infiltrated
everything about her. She was also a sweet and warm person, and I always knew 
would find her way on the right track; this makes her loss all the more
paradoxical and incomprehensible.

I know that she has been a very important part of your life, and the things you
have known about and with her are lastingly important. For me, Beatriz will stay
strong and vital in memory; I was very fond of her for the great person she was,
and the great work she undertook.



On Tue 01/08/13  3:16 PM , Bernard Roddy sent:
> Beatriz Flores Gutiérrez passed away  on Saturday, April 21, 2012 of
> breast cancer.  
> She attended San Fransisco State University, then completed an MFA in
> the Department of Media Study at the State University of New York at
> Buffalo.  Between the Fall of 2003 and the Spring of 2009 she taught
> at the University of North Texas' Department of Radio, Television, and
> Film, Northern Illinois University's Time Arts program within their
> School of Art, and Evergreen State College's Media Arts program. 
> Beatriz was an active member of the Evolutionary Girls Club, a
> collective founded in part by Erica Eaton during their studies in
> Buffalo.  An active chamption of undocumented workers within the U.S.,
> Beatriz developed a series of videos about the experiences of Mexicans
> working and living in the States.  By nature very sweet and
> approacheable, she was a fierce defender of the everday working
> Mexican-Americans.  In Mexico Beatriz was a theater student before
> moving north and always loved dance and physical expression.  In the
> North she was profoundly disturbed by the activities of the U.S.
> border patrol and Immigration authorities.  Beatriz never tired of
> returning to the border, where she had long-standing relationships
> with Americans working on behalf of migrants.  Organizations on the
> U.S./Mexican border like No More Deaths and Humane Borders were
> frequent destinations for Beatriz, and some of us received our basic
> education about the border and the U.S. foreign policy itself on road
> trips in her company discussing documentary film and the history of
> activist media.  She was a central figure in the organization of the
> conference Bridges Not Walls, which was held at Evergreen State
> College May 15 - 18, 2008.  Beatriz also loved pioneers, including 
> Beatriz Noronha da Costa, with whom she studied during the latter's
> year teaching in Buffalo.  During her final years Beatriz had many
> friends in Olympia with whom she shared an interest in movement
> workshops, yoga, and natural living.  She is survived by three
> sisters, a brother, and her parents, now separated, all of whom live
> near Mexico City, where Beatriz grew up.  She maintained some activity
> and enjoyment of life until near the end, and passed peacefully,
> without pain, and among friends. 
> Bernie

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