Ok thank for the info.  Is there no one in  LA with any of these things tho?.  
I know labs have them but I want to do it all myself.  

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On Jan 14, 2013, at 7:51 PM, John Woods <jawood...@yahoo.ca> wrote:

> I would be surprised if anyone has much more than a hobby business offering 
> such services. You'll either have to DIY or use a digital intermediate. If 
> you're doing it yourself you'd also need to look into whether the filmstock 
> needed for matte work is still available.
> Cineworks in Vancouver, and Northwest Film Forum in Seattle have optical 
> printers. There are still labs offering contact prints. Cineworks was given a 
> contact printer from Technicolor when they collapsed, but you'd have to learn 
> how to use it on your own and lab services would be out of town or DIY.
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> Subject: [Frameworks] Rear Screen Projection Rotoscoping 16mm
> Hey, does anyone on the west coast have a rotoscoping set up with rear 
> projection?  If not does anyone know what kind of glass I should get to make 
> my own setup?  Also does anyone have access to a contact printer out there 
> and if not do labs offer the service of making traveling mattes?  One more 
> thing.  Is there anyone on the west with access to a double filmgate optical 
> printer like a JK or Oxberry or somethin?  Sorry bought all the questions but 
> Im gonna need all these things soon to do some special FX and im worried 
> everyones sellin theres off to stupid museums and what not.  Any info helps.  
> Thanks yall
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