Consideration of the relation between film journal and video letter would pay 
off in spades, as it would allow you to consider medium specificity as well.  I 
think of the Japanese poet TANIKAWA Shuntaro and his video letters with 
TERAYAMA Shuji.  Very rewarding of your exploration.

Jonathan M Hall
Department of Media Studies
Pomona College

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件名: [Frameworks] Journal Filmmakers and Videomakers

Hello Frameworks!

I may have the opportunity to teach a short workshop on the Film Journal genre 
at the University of Minnesota this spring... which means I need to learn more 
about it first.

I would love some suggestions about major practitioners of this form throughout 
film history, especially those whose work is purchaseable / accessible in a 
non-print-rental form.

I'm also interested in critical writing on the subject.

Besides Jonas Mekas, whose work should I be exploring?

Thanks very much!

Kevin Obsatz

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