I've been reading this thread with interest as I really dont have much idea 
what everyone is talking about when referring to "liquid light". I've been 
trying to find out with no success.
Is it home made emulsion? 
Can someone explain or point me to a reference?
Peter humble

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On 10/06/2013, at 2:22 PM, lindsay mcintyre <email.li...@gmail.com> wrote:

> hi devon
> i haven't had much luck with liquid light but in my experience (both at the 
> handmade film institute and on my own), with handmade emulsions, it seems to 
> have something to do with the gelatin content. you could try heating up the 
> liquid light with some extra gelatin so that it'll stick better.  also, in 
> the coating, the type of brush and amount of pressure used seems to make a 
> difference.  i've always found that spraying the emulsion is better than 
> applying with a brush. it doesn't seem to matter whether it's on clear 
> acetate or fogged stock - results are equally good.  i find though, that the 
> hand-processing afterwards needs to be quite delicate - and is best done in 
> very cold solutions - less than 10 degrees Celsius if possible, and in small 
> batches.   
> please share if you come up with something interesting!
> lindsay mcintyre
> On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 12:48 PM, j...@kinetta.com <j...@kinetta.com> wrote:
>> Turns out that getting emulsion to stick to different bases is a problem for 
>> Kodak, too.  I had a long talk with an ex-Kodak person (soon all of them 
>> will be ex, I'm afraid) and he said the reason some stocks weren't available 
>> on Polyester (ESTAR) base is that the emulsions formulated for triacetate 
>> don't stick.  There are actually different base types and emulsions and only 
>> some combinations work.
>> Who knew?
>> Jeff Kreines
>> Kinetta
>> kinetta.com
>> j...@kinetta.com
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