Thanks for the suggestion. I'll test it out, see how it works. Yeah, the 3M 
isn't made anymore. Hopefully somebody has a roll kicking around. Every now and 
then one pops up. That stuff is, well was, great.

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I don't think the 3M tape is made anymore. The 305 tape isn't the best, but it 
generally responds pretty well to heat. You may want to try getting a tack iron 
or something similar to press down the tape splice (just enough heat to "cure" 
the tape--not too much to burn the film).  It also may help to clean the film 
splice areas with alcohol before taping to remove any oily residue.  Using 
those two steps the 305 tape should stick OK.  good luck, Ed

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>Hi All,
>I am in search of clear, perforated 35mm splice tape for a specific reason and 
>need specific results. I have used the 305 tape but the adhesive seems to not 
>stick so well and the splices pull apart. In the past I used the 3M perforated 
>tape that would stick great and never pull apart. I see tape listed as 
>"Acrometal" 35mm perforated tape, but know nothing about it. 
>I'm curious if anybody has a roll of the older 3M tape around they would be 
>willing to sell me, or know anything about the Acrometal tape. 
>Thanks, and Cheers
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