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> A local production company was giving away a 16mm Steenbeck editing table
> for the cost of its removal so naturally I enlisted the help of three
> strong men and brought it home and now it occupies a prominent place in my
> living room, since it is impossible to get up the stairs or fit into any
> other room.

If it's a 901 with the "skirt legs" those legs actually come off, as does
the viewer, so broken into four parts the machine
is easier to move (with others helping of course, since the table portion
is still heavy w/o legs and viewer attached).

> Has anyone made theirs S16 (viewing) compatible?  Approximate costs
> involved?

Paul Tomasko used to sell conversion kits. It includes cut or modified
rollers, and insert optic, and (I believe) washers
to raise the height of the prism. The image ends up being smaller on the
screen in order to fit full frame 1.66 inside
the 1.33 viewer.

Steenbeck's official version of this include a lens manufactured for s16,
and a widescreen viewer, which is indeed
rare, though I heard they can be made to order for $$$$$s.

> Any other new ways to put these machines to good use?

Many folks use the Steenbeck as a printer.


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