Dear Jonathan,

My name is Pablo Marín, filmmaker and writer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and 
since the past decade I have been working, writing and curating within the 
field of experimental film here in Argentina. Most of the stuff I wrote is in 
Spanish, although i'm glad to say a great deal of it -the most important texts- 
have been translated into English.

Recently I curated and toured with Argentine films from the past & present. And 
I'm glad to say this tour will take me to Chicago next October, and Toronto 
(and possibly Colorado) next January. Anyway, here I copy some links and please 
don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Chicago show's (upcoming): currentschedule/ghost- anthology.html

Spain show (last June): portal/en/edicion-2013/ vanguardias/antolog%C3%ADa- 
fantasma-cine-experimental- argentino/

Narcisa Hirsch's Catalog (one of the local pioneers, including a text of mine 
about her Come Out and Taller as the birth of local structural film): php?id=31

some dvds & blu-rays edited in New York in which I worked as curator/writer 
(includes essays in English): Dialectica.html Experimental.html honik.html

my blog:

In addition to all this, I heard that San Francisco based Federico Windhausen 
(born in Argentina) is writing a piece on Experimental film/Expanded cinema in 
Buenos Aires for MIRAJ.

With best wishes,
Pablo Marín.

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Andres Denegri is a  good conduit to the experimental film community 
in Latin America. He’s currently organizing the second annual Biennale of the 
Moving Image in Buenos Aires, devoted to experimental film and video  
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  Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some 
good resources (web or otherwise, and preferably in English) on experimental 
filmmaking in Argentina, including expanded cinema. No recommendation could 
possibly be too small, simplistic, or non-academic; I know nothing about the 
subject, and am looking to start changing that.

Thank you in 

Jonathan Walley
Associate Professor
Department of 
Denison University

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