forget austrian filmcoop they are probably sleeping... (would be delighted to 
be proved wrong) ^-^

I'm from filmkoop wien and we are awake and certainly the right people to talk 
to ;-)
we rent cameras, projectors and other stuff to people and we also have a dark 
room that can be accessed if you become a short or long time member. 
not sure if we have the right thing though, I assume you need something that 
moves easily, we have 16mm bauer projectors, an editing table and a crass 
animation stand and maybe there is a 16mm viewer somewhere... 
just send us a mail and Christian or Sebastian will get 
back to you asap. 


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Maybe you could try at one of the 2 Film Co-ops:[]
if that doesn't work, you can contact me again in Vienna.

Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond

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The most important thing that has to be attempted is, on the one hand, to 
maintain the conversation–if nothing else, 
about art–and on the other hand, not to allow such an experiment to end in 
HASENHERZ has understood this–may the exercise succeed!  Franz Schuh
Am 12.09.2013 um 15:27 schrieb Diana Arce 
Hey Framworkers,
As you can see I'm busily preparing for a short residency in Austria. Last 
piece of the puzzle is a 16mm moviescop viewer. If anyone would be so kind to 
allow me to borrow or rent one from the 18th until the 30th, I would be 
eternally grateful. I'm am located in Berlin, but may be able to have someone 
pick up in Austria. 
Thanks so much,
Diana Arce

Diana Arce
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