Film and Photo in Acton, West London, do Super 8 to 16mm blowups,





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> You know a Lab where is possible print a super 8 Black and White Negative
> (from Kodak Tri-x) to super8 Positive.

No, because B&W positive print film isn't made in Super-8.

> Or 16mm positive.

Yes, that would be called an 8->16 blow-up.  A lot of labs can do that
including Cinelab and Colorlab.  It will be more expensive than a contact
print but not unbearably so.

> Andec have this service but only for colour film.

I think what Andec has been doing has been buying 35mm print stock and
slitting and perforating it for Super-8 themselves.  So they have an
available print stock that nobody else has.

If you ask them, they might be willing to do contact prints of your B&W
original onto color print stock.  I have done this before with 35mm and
the black quality is not as good as with B&W stock, and it can be contrasty
if you aren't careful, but it might be worth trying if what you want is an
8mm projection print.
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