Dear Film Friends,

If you are in New York, please come to our upcoming screenings. Feel free
to contact us.

 *Upcoming Screenings at the Film-Makers' Cooperative*

*An Evening with Taka Iimura: *

*Screening and Performance*

*Friday, September 20th, 7:30 pm *

*In the FMC Charles S. Cohen Screening Room*

*475 Park Ave South, 6th Floor*

*Films include:*


*2 Minutes 46 Seconds 16 Frames, 24 Frames Per Second*

*One Frames Duration*

*Plus an exclusive performance by Taka!*

* *

*Memorial for Jud Yalkut: Part I*

*Saturday, September 21st, 7:30 pm *

*In the FMC Charles S. Cohen Screening Room*

*475 Park Ave South, 6th Floor*

*Screening rare films by Jud Yalkut in celebration of his life*

*Curated by Gregory Zinman*

"Yalkut passed away in July at the age of 75, leaving behind a corpus of
still and moving image art that entails both dislocation and re-centering,
simultaneously emphasizing formal experimentation and collectivity. In his
work, which ranged from film and expanded cinema to video and collage, he
sought to find new ways of shifting his viewers’ perceptions in order to
increase their awareness of their shared humanity."

-Gregory Zinman* *

*Storm De Hirsch's Goodbye in the Mirror*

*Friday, September 27th, 9 pm*

*At Soho House 29-35 9th Ave*

*Screening of rare 35mm print Goodbye in the Mirror*

*  Organized by MM Serra*

*Limited seating, by reservation only:*


*"A dramatic feature shot on location in Rome. Centered around the
adventures and illusions of three girls living abroad, the film explores
their restlessness and personal involvments in assuming the role of woman
as hunter" --S. D. H.*
*"I, myself, belonging to the Spies for Beauty, Inc., and the humble monk
of the Order of Fools, was allowed to peek at this film, and I couldn't
believe what beauty struck my eyes, what sensuousness." --Jonas Mekas*

           *      ** *

   475 Park Ave. South, 6th Fl  //  (212) 267-5665  //

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