I'd look at Sitney's *Eyes Upside Down*; it's a fascinating look at the
American cinematic avant-garde in relation to the literary legacy of
Emerson. I'm sure Scott MacDonald's work would be really helpful here too.

As far as specific films go, from the top of my head I would list
Mekas' *Walden
*(Thoreau), Brakhage's  *Dante Quartet *(*Divine Comedy*), and Marjorie
Keller's *The Answering Furrow* (Virgil's *Georgics)*.

Something else that might be worth considering is the relationship between
David Foster Wallace and experimental film, though this is really a case of
literature partly inspired by experimental film rather than the other way
around. I'm currently working on a project tracing I*nfinite Jest*'s
relationship to the avant-garde film tradition and I'd be happy to share
some details off list.

This is a great topic and I'm eager to see what others suggest!



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