Okay, here are a few of my favourite poetry-films (I warned you they are, shall 
we say, archival):

Three short films from the National Film Board of Canada: "Travellers Palm," 
1977 (poem by P.K. Page); "Poen" [sic], 1967 (Leonard Cohen, "Beautiful 
Losers"); "A Said Poem," 1977 ("found poetry" by J. R. Colombo)
Ian Hugo, "Bells of Atlantis," 1952 (Anaïs Nin, "House of Incest")
Rick Hancox, "Waterworx," 1982 (Wallace Stevens, "A Clear Day and No Memories")
Margaret Doogan, "Screw: A Technical Love Poem," 1972 (poem by Diane Wakowski)
Ed Akerman and Colin Morton, "Primi Too Taa," 1986 (dada poem by Kurt 
Max Crosley, "Assassination Raga," 1972 (poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti)
Henry Hills, "Kino Da!" 1981 (Jack Hirschman, poem in manner of Russian 
Rachel Libert, "Undertaker," 1995 (poetry performance by Patricia Smith)

--Bill Wees

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And very exciting answers too! Thank you everyone. Hopefully more Frameworkers 
will contribute to this topic.

Bill, please feel free to expand on poetry works, would love to know your 
favourite examples and I really dont mind if they arent recent.



On Friday, September 27, 2013, Kelly Gallagher wrote:
Exciting topic! As a handcrafted cinema maker myself, my mind immediately goes 
to Jan Svankmajer. Many of his films are based off of literary tales and 
stories. (From writers such as Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allen Poe, Horace Walpole, 
etc). Ah, and then thinking of Poe, I think of about Jean Epstein's Fall of the 
House of Usher.
Best of luck!
-Kelly Gallagher

On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 3:12 PM, William Wees, Dr. 
There are dozens, no, hundreds of poetry films and poetry videos (or 
videopoems), which is to says, films and videos that incorporate poetry and 
poetic texts on the sound track or in the images or both. Perhaps that is not 
the sort of thing you are looking for, but if it is I could send you titles of 
some of my favourite examples-though I have to say they would not include 
recent work (I haven't paid any serious attention to poetry films/videos since 
the 1990s). The person who has paid attention to the whole development of 
poetry films/videos and has published a manifesto on the subject is Tom 
Konyves. I don't think he would mind my giving you his email address: 

--Bill Wees

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Dear friends,

Im currently lecturing a course on literature and visual arts and i would like 
to approach/show the students experimental films based in/inspired by literary 
pieces, only I need your help to do so. Any recommendations will be very 

Thanks very much,


Esperanza Collado
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