Here's a Super Simplex projector head for sale that still has the handle shaft installed.  If you look at the video you will see a photo the handle shaft directly under the glass window painted "Super Simplex" at the 50-second mark.  Assuming the projector head is serviceable, you would just have to mount it on a stand with a lamphouse, attach a handle to the shaft & start turning. You can probably remove the RCA soundhead and run the take-up reel from a belt directly off the picture head if you are projecting silent (which would probably make it easier to crank). I'm not sure I'd want to pay $650 for equipment this old untested but they might make a deal. I have a 1936 Super Simplex that still runs like a top. Just before you buy one make sure it still has the handle shaft--many were removed (or perhaps never installed) as most were motorized by the 1930s.  And finding a spare handle shaft may be far more difficult than finding a whole projector head with one already installed.   --Ed

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Dear omniscient listserv,

I will be doing a workshop in Boston (from Oct 9-22) and make a film that
will (ideally) requires a hand cranked 35mm projector for the final
screening scheduled for the 22nd at the Goethe Institute. Any leads on film
resources, darkroom, lab, film enthusiasts and such would be greatly
appreciated as I'm always looking forward to meet fellow filmmakers. I am
currently attending Views and if some of you holding answers to my
questions are here too let me know, we could meet up today!

Looking forward to hear from you,

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