Umm... the Marc-300/ Gemini lamps are NOT XENON.  They are high output
HMI lamps, basically... much lower output than a xenon arc and much
poorer color rendition as well.

The Marc-300 lamps have not been made for more than twenty years, nor
have the power supplies for them.  Replacement lamps are available on
the used market for around $10/hr. running time.

If you were to try and do something like this today, I would suggest 
starting with the Ushio EmArc lamps, or with some of the HMI lamps
intended for theatrical use.  Relay optics are going to be needed
because none of that stuff is designed to focus down to the such a 
tiny aperture.

I have some Marc-300 power supplies in storage somewhere if people have
a use for them, but I'd strongly recommend avoiding that technology
when there are so many cheaper and better alternatives today.
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