Of course Avid will do a ton of PR on Avid and Gravity… Avid? Right? Please.
See here's what is going to happen, December - FCPX and Mac Pro ship. 
Prod co's will say; you can cut 4K now. DP's and directors will say, you can 
cut 4K now. 
No need to transcode. We will shoot 4K on everything now because you can cut 4K 
now with FCPX.
Agencies will say you can cut 4K now. No need to transcode. 
Wrong or right, this will happen. So, Avid, you need to do some heavy 
marketing. And what would be awesome,
would be if Avid released or previewed some awesome new features in December. 
Because this will happen.
Gravity shot 2K btw. not 4K. but facts have little bearing on Apple driven hype.


found link to this article on Jobs' timeline,thanks

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