About a month ago, San Francisco Cinematheque (in association with Litquake
[a "literary arts" festival] and the Canyon Cinema Foundation) presented a
screening (curated by me) of works on this very topic—"Films on the
Visualization of Text." I paste the promo text below and also offer this
link to our website:

Notably, Stephanie Barber has done a lot a lot of film/video work using
visualized text, including many of the works in her series *Jhanna and the
Rats of James Olds*. Nearly the entire filmography of David Gatten deals
with text as image and with the process of reading. Joyce Weiland is also a
good call that has been made. Jesse Malmed's recent work is also (in a way)
very much about visualized language and concrete poetry. See the link
below; a lot of his work is online.

Steve Polta
San Francisco Cinematheque

Presented as part of Litquake
San Francisco Cinematheque presents a screening of film/video works in
which written text is visualized and plasticized, explored and displayed.
Battering, caressing and seducing viewers/readers while exploring
syntactical forms (including poetic lyric, introspective essay,, journal,
harangue, laundry list, love letter and song), the seven film/video works
on this program form a thumbnail catalog of the diverse expressive
potentialities of language’s graphic notation displayed as light moving in
time. Screening: Jeanne
*Dark Enough* (2011), a celestial contemplation, “a virtual proscenium
stage for the poetry to play itself upon,” a collaboration with poet Lisa
Gill; Stan Brakhage’s *I… Dreaming* (1988), a sound film visualizing the
lyrics of Stephen Foster; *Word Movie *(1966) by Paul
a radically flickering, optical/conceptual sound/text conflation, a
three-and-a-half minute word; Stephanie
*letters, notes* (2000) a melancholy compendium of lost correspondence and
found photography; David Gatten <http://davidgattenfilm.com/>’s silent love
letter *How to Conduct a Love Affair *(2007); Su
harrowing dream journal *Gently Down the Stream*, Jesse
sound/image/data morass *Supernym *(2013) and a very rare screening of
Michael Snow’s 1982 epic monolithic film/text essay *So Is This*, a direct
confrontation/repudiation of the very notion of cinematic language itself*.*

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