Yes, it's like asking someone to help you find canned beans at Safeway.

There's actually quite a bit in the mainstream:

for groups:  start with the TV series Orphan Black (first season on Blu-ray and 
DVD now, second season starts this spring); also earlier, Doll House
also pretty good: Continuum (sci-fi) on streaming Netflix

Of course, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc.

Academic feminists have written a lot about this trend:

Chris Holmlund, "the "deadly dolls" chapter of Impossible Bodies
Linda Mizejewski, Hardboiled and High Heeled
Martha McCaughey and Neal King, eds, Reel Knockouts
Hilary Neroni  The Violent Woman

and there's the whole rape/revenge cycle….

that's just scratching the surface…good hunting

Chuck Kleinhans

On Jan 23, 2014, at 12:37 PM, Barbara GMX wrote:

Hello everyone,

I´ve been following your discussions and conversations for some time and I´m 
amazed! Thanks for all the great input!

Now I´ve got a question:
Do you have any good suggestions for crime films/documentaries, also videos, 
short and experimental film, where either the detective or the 
thief/gangster/con artist is a woman. Especially interesting would be groups of 

Thank you!
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