> I am interested in alternatives to the standard and classic structures of 
> women as victims (even if they are the ones committing the murder,…) or of 
> male/female relationships,..

From the 'mainstream', but I think 'Bound' would be essential.

Then there's (barf) 'Basic Instinct'.

'Run Lola Run' is a crime film with an unvictimized female protagonist, though 
the male/female relationship is traditional. (And while hardly experimental, 
it's not at all a traditional narrative either...)

No one has cited 'Veronica Mars' (TV series) yet...

If you take demons as a metaphor for criminals, then 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' 
is a kind of feminist cop show with a cnetral set of female buddies 
(Buffy/Willow). (Most of my lesbian/feminist students seemed to be big fans of 
this show back in the day...)

I haven't seen 'Orange Is The New Black', but it sounds like it meets your 

It's not surprising that as far as the 'mainstream' goes, more interesting 
things are coming out of TV than Hollywood cinema, which seems to be 
all-comic-book-adaptations all of the time.


When you mentioned women directors, my first thought was 'Ida Lupino'. Checking 
her IMDB page I see she directed an episode of _Have Gun Will Travel_ titled 
'Lady With A Gun' and an episode of _Thriller_ titled 'The Lethal Ladies'. 
Might be interesting...
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