If you modify it ''substantially'' it becomes a different text. Think
William Burroughs...

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> Dear Frameworkers,
> I'm writing to ask your advice.  I'm working on a short handmade,
> experimental film that takes as its "script" a slightly modified version of
> an essay I found in the *New York Times*, which I plan to use as a
> voiceover narration on the soundtrack.  I wrote to the author to ask his
> permission to use it, which he gladly gave with this caveat: everything he
> writes for the paper is owned by them.  He gave me the name of someone to
> contact at the paper, who sent me to the paper's licensing people. I
> decided to follow that lead, to see where it went.  [I have not had good
> luck with trying to get permission for a reasonable fee before, but I
> decided to try, as an experience.]
> Well, needless to say the people who license for the *Times* want me to
> pay them what I regard as way too much money for the use of the essay--$800
> for rights for festivals, galleries, streaming, broadcast, etc.--for the
> life of the title.   As you know, it is difficult to communicate to people
> in these positions that there is absolutely no commercial value in the
> film.    The money is about 1/3 of my overall budget.   Some of my handmade
> film buddies advised me to forget about the permission and just use it
> anyway, but I feel funny about doing that now, and as one friend who works
> in the business cautioned: my project and I are on their radar now.  Should
> I try to talk them down?  (They originally asked for $1300, so this is a
> considerable reduction from outrageously expensive to merely quite
> expensive.)  Should I claim "fair use," and use the text anyway?   What are
> the chances that they would come after me?    I'd appreciate any advice or
> hearing about your own experiences with this.  Many thanks.
> CC
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