Robbie Land recently had a looping 16mm installation of his Bioluminescence
film as part of the show of Hudgens Prize finalists here in Georgia. Robbie
is on the list and perhaps can articulate it better than I, but it's close
to, really part of, the tradition of handmade film even though it's not
handmade animation per se. (The film is in two parts, exposed first by
fireflies, then by growing mushrooms/fungi.) The looping film was
accompanied by filmstrips of the same work displayed in a lighted case.

Jennifer Reeves has done looping installations of her handmade animations,
such as Light Work Mood Disorder.

In 2005 Lynn Marie Kirby did a looping installation at Eyedrum in Atlanta,
called "Views from the center before and after Edison." Artist's
"For Eyedrum, 16mm film was exposed without a camera to the light of I-75
in Atlanta, the North-South Interstate, the path of the old Dixie Highway.
Visible in the gallery are both a film loop of the original 16mm Atlanta
exposure and that original document transformed through a performance on a
film-to-digital transfer machine. Also present in the gallery is a sound
recording of my arrival in Atlanta.  This magnetic tape recording is seen
as a physical material in space rather than heard as it unfolds in time."
The 16mm looped onto a curved screen suggestive of the Cyclorama, at the
bottom of which was the audio tape of her arrival in Atlanta, strewn from
the reel onto the floor.

Lynn described her exposure of the film on the highway as performative, so
both performance and installation are involved here. If you count as "text"
the artist's statement, which was posted with the piece (or if you consider
the presence of spoken words on the audio tape - even if it can't be heard
because the tape is unspooled); and if you include a by-hand, cameraless
film exposure in your criteria for item #3, then if I'm not mistaken Lynn's
installation hits *all six* items on your list. Hooray!

Andy Ditzler
Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts, Emory University

Film Love presents classics of the Czechoslovak New Wave
February 28 - March 4, 2014

On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 8:20 AM, Adam R. Levine <> wrote:

> Dear Frameworks,
> This is a very specific RFI but I am looking for artists or works that
> check as many (at least two, let's say) of the following boxes as possible,
> listed in order of preference:
> 1. Installations or possibly live performances...
> 2. ...That incorporate abstract footage (preferably 16mm loops)
> 3. Hand painted, scratch film, or hand animation
> 4. Sculptural elements or constructed environments
> 5. Use of text or voice
> 6. Preferably by female artists or filmmakers
> Like I said - specific. But perhaps you can help.
> Many thanks,
> Adam
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