In a similar vein to the list that Andy offers here, Hollis Frampton’s Hapax 
Legomena 1 (nostalgia) makes cinema out of still photos (made cinematic by 
burning them on a hot plate).

And closer to the titles in your original list, Josh (J.B.) Mabe’s “Pastoral” 
reshoots on 16mm a YouTube video of Stan Brakhage’s “Stellar,” which of course 
was made on 16mm film.

And if you’re interested in digital remediation of analogue tape, Evan Meaney’s 
“We Things at Play” turns a VHS tape from 1987 into a digital glitch fest.  
Many of his videos might actually fit this call, including the final 
installment of his Ceibas Cycle, “The Well of Representation,” a digital remake 
of Hollis Frampton’s “Gloria!” as an NES-era video game with a spectral, 
glitched-out ending.


On Apr 2, 2014, at 10:43 AM, Andy Ditzler 
<<>> wrote:

Common examples of film containing/being contained by still photography would 
include (spoiler alert) Wavelength's reduction of film to a still photograph in 
its final minutes (mirroring the still images on the film strip), and Morgan 
Fisher's Production Stills, which photo-documents its own making. Also check 
David MacDougall's Photo-Wallahs. Malcolm LeGrice's performance of After 
Leonardo 73-13 at Eyebeam last November centered on multiple (live) video 
reproductions of a magazine reproduction of the Mona Lisa. Warhol's Screen 
Tests are filmic meditations on an (ostensibly) unmoving subject per still 
photography portraiture. Scott Stark's Angel Beach and Posers, as well. Too 
many others to mention!

Warhol's Outer and Inner Space is a classic film/video merger.

Many of Yoko Ono's film scripts cannot necessarily be realized as films and 
must be performed rather than filmed.

A recent Contraband Cinema show here in Atlanta presented some newer 
VCR-derived digital work:

Andy Ditzler<><>
Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts, Emory University

On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 4:16 AM, Kim Knowles 
<<>> wrote:

Dear Frameworkers,

Does anyone have any suggestions of films that involve remediation of some 
sort? I'm thinking the fusion of analogue-digital (which I've posted about 
before so I have some titles already - Shambhavi Kaul's Scene 32, Thorsten 
Fleisch's Wound Footage, Jurgen Reble, Dietmar Brehm), but I'm also interested 
in earlier examples of one medium/format being contained within or reworked by 
another medium, for example Martine Rousset's Chants or Malcolm Le Grice's 
Little Dog For Roger. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


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