Check the settings on the camera and projector and make sure neither is set to YCbCr. HDMI can be either YCbCr or RGB. Both devices should be set to the same color space.

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Hello, frameworks!

I've a strange technical question that has been driving me to the depths insanity.

I am trying to port the raw hdmi output from my d800 into my projector hdmi input. I've successfully done this, BUT! the color space is entirely off. Yellow shows as purple, skin as red, and a lot of the other color is lost.

I've tried every cord I have, went through two different hdmi input selectors, plugged in straight, went through every setting on my projector and camera.

I have been reading the the d800 is actually not entirely raw hdmi out, with 4-2-2 rgb as opposed to true 4-4-4 rgb, I dont know if this matters.

I apologize that this is the anti-celluoid post, but any help would be appreciated.


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