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 Subject: [Frameworks] festival suggestions for an alt-narrative?
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 Dear Frameworkers,
 For the last two years,
 I’ve been working with a friend on
 an experimental narrative short (25 minutes) that is now
 finished.  It is a film about a
 middle-aged woman’s attempts to understand and process her
 mother’s dementia
 and death.  The film explores other
 ways besides the conventional “classical” narrative to
 tell the story.
 I’m writing to ask for
 your advice about festivals that might
 be interested in such a film.  We
 will send it to women’s film festivals, of course, but
 I’m wondering about
 experimental festivals that might be open to
 alt-narratives.  I’d be happy to hear any festival
 suggestions that you might offer—national and
 Also, does anyone out
 there know of festivals that focus on "senior" or
 "aging" issues?
 Many thanks.
 co-producer, Acts of
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