Island Race is filmed on the Isle of Dogs, a bend in an old docks area of the 
River Thames in east London. It is technically an island as there are canals 
across the bend at its northern edge,





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GB is an island:
William Raban: Island Race
andrew koetting: Gallivant:

if you take into account more metaphoric islands you might also consider two 
animation films:
w & c lauenstein: Balance:
Konstantin Bronzit: Au bout du monde:


Am 22.06.2014 um 23:31 schrieb Pigott, Michael:

Dear Frameworkers,
I'm putting together a piece about the use of islands as locations in recent 
experimental film and video. I'm focussing on Ben Rivers' Slow Action and Simon 
Faithfull's Stromness. I am building a list of other work that involves islands 
at the moment, and I would be very grateful for your suggestions of other 
experimental and artists' work (recent or historical) that are about islands or 
use islands as locations.
Thanks in advance!
Michael Pigott
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