thanks loads for the tips folks!
the H264 playback issue makes sense
i did some test exports to DV-DVCPRO-NTSC in the meantime (following another 
friend's advice), progressive & with deinterlacing
& they played back aok on the mac, in quicktime, with no interlacing
I'll give H264 a lash as well
much appreciated!
cheers moira

On Wednesday, July 16, 2014 2:50 AM, Douglas <> wrote:

Try playing your files on VLC player, it's freeware and may work just fine. I 
wouldn't recommend h.264 since it's heavily compressed. 


> On Jul 15, 2014, at 5:52 PM, "Dave Tetzlaff" <> wrote:
> I'm not an Avid expert, but I know they typically use proprietary codecs. 
> What container were they in? AVI? 
> If QT can't play the files, that could either be an issue with the codec per 
> se, or your Mac not being equipped with the extra widgets needed to handle 
> the headers of PC-based containers.
> All H.264 encoding software is not created equal. Use x264, which is freeware 
> available as a stand-alone plug-in that works with stuff like MPEG 
> Streamclip, and also comes built-in with recent versions of Handbrake (also 
> freeware). There are more tweaks available in the interface than Carter has 
> pills. I've never had any odd color or contrast problems using the presets 
> (since the individual setting parameters are mostly WAY over my head), but if 
> you did get results you don't like, you could probably find a setting that 
> would do the trick if you got under the hood far enough.
> Anyway, as Aaron said, the problem may be the playback software, not the 
> files you've generated themselves. I agree with Aaron that H.264 is usually 
> the best thing to send out, if only due to file size. For shorter pieces, I'd 
> use ProRes if the venue accepts it. For the H.264, I recommend putting it in 
> an .mp4 container, as that's more universal than .mov .avi .mkv etc. etc.
>> tested some mov files today (exported 'same as source' from avid 3.0 on a 
>> pc) on a mac, quicktime wouldn't open them & vlc played them back 
>> deinterlaced (& with a green line at the top, in one case)
>> any ideas what's up?
>> i've tried H264 exports but the colours/contrast get washed out, so i'm 
>> avoiding that option; thought that 'same as source' would be better than any 
>> form of compression ...?
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