John, if by "mainstream" you mean new release major studio films available for rent on 16mm you could still get about everything in the 90s but things fell off very rapidly after 2000, and by 2006 it was really the end of the road. The last one to be released on 16mm as best as I can tell was "Cars" the animated Disney feature from 2006. Here is the last list of 16mm titles ever available from Swank Motion Pictures:    It's worth noting that in the 90s besides Swank and Criterion (which represented the big studios) a lot of indy distributors also offered their films in 16mm. Some included October Films, Samuel Goldwyn, New Yorker, etc. I've often wondered what happened to all those prints.  --Ed

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On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 1:08 PM, John Woods wrote:
> Alain, while I'm primarily interested in experimental or artists films,
> I'd open up to mainstream films too. I'm more broadly interested in the
> state of 16mm film as an exhibition format and not necessarily
> experimental. If Spielberg decided to distribute his latest on 16mm, then
> that would count. I guess I'm biased in my thinking that a 16mm print
> nowadays is an indulgence for the creator and few mainstream filmmakers are
> going to convince their distributor to pick up the bill for the print.

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