I haven't followed the whole thread, it just came to my mind, that these people 
are selling variable shutter wheels for Bauer Super-8 projectors:
It's the 3rd ad "Verstellbare Flügelblende 2-3"
As you can see in the picture the 3 blind have to be adjusted manually,
but maybe the design can help working out something automized for the Eiki…


Am 03.08.2014 um 00:40 schrieb FCO. JAVIER HURTADO MOMPEO:

> Thanks Scott and everybody
> (I saw a picture of a Bolex shutter, very inspiring and also the kinoton but 
> very expensive this redesign je)
> You are right this is a redesign more tha n a modification.
> But I will keep on with the main structure of the Slim Slot  Load Eikie 
> projector because his load and drive film system allows to run the film more 
> fast tan 24fps and slower and also allows to make  more or less radical speed 
> changes without damage the flm.
> On the other hand yes we are using Arduino micros to control the step motors 
> which will move the two shutter,  the main motor which runs the film and the 
> sprockets of the Eiki (this motor originally is an AC motor, which is really 
> dificult to control it) and also the light (perhaps a power led instead of 
> the original lamp)
> I think that the main problem we have is mechanical to redesign the two 
> shutters  there is almost no space in the box of the projector.
> So we are not trying to change the speed schutter mecanically
> I try to ask whether with this variable obturation to change the amount of 
> black or the amonut of light  would produce a perceptible  effect on the 
> projection. Because my technical partner thinks that would be the same 
> dinamics than to speed up or down one single shutter with the step motor.
> Well we will try it and see
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> Tema: Re: [Frameworks] technical question about modifying the shutter 
> operation of an EIKI 16mm film projector
> I don't think it would be a matter of modifying it but completely
> redesigning it.
> You might want to look inside a Bolex camera to see an example of how a
> variable shutter works.  The Bolex has two sets of shutter leaves and a
> gadget that pulls them apart as a ring is moved forward and back on the
> shaft.  This works well, but it's not a thing you could easily fabricate
> into an existing projector.
> If I were doing it, I would toss the existing projector entirely and I
> would build an electronic projector from the bottom up along the lines of
> the Kinoton projectors.  The Kinoton has stepper motors driving the two
> sprockets and a stepper motor driving the shutter, and they are all
> controlled by a small microcontroller.  You could do something similar
> using an existing junk projector chassis and add a second shutter.  It
> would be fairly easy for software in the microcontroller to change the
> shutter phase.
> It would seem much easier to do this than to try and implement a variable
> pitch shutter entirely mechanically, and it would also make speed control
> a whole lot easier.
> --scott
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