Thanks Mark,
That's a very nice blog post.
I met Standish a couple of years ago on his trip to Osnabruck and Paris and we became good friends. He stayed in my place, and he sold me a good print of Corridor at that time. We stayed in touch and planned to release a DVD of his films together, but he soon became disorganized in his thoughts as some dementia set in and he moved to California.
It was great to revisit him a little in your post.
My only criticism is that it's hard to read white text on a black background (Jonas would really take you to task for that). So I'm seeing lines everywhere in my head now.
All the best,
Pip Chodorov

At 16:46 -0700 11/08/14, Mark Toscano wrote:
Hi all -

If you're interested, I've written something about my experience picking up Standish Lawder's films in 2007, prompted by the arrival of the rest of his film elements today from his daughter (and the discovery of one element in particular).

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