Maybe we can co-produce it Ingo, it sounds like a lot of work.

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I know Standish's daughter Cynthia would be happy to have his work on DVD, as would I. The Academy doesn't do DVD publishing, but we've assisted and sometimes co-supervised a bunch of times with folks who do (Criterion, Flicker Alley, etc.) I'd be happy to help with such an effort. Ingo, is there any reason why you couldn't continue to do it?


On Sep 12, 2014, at 9:32 AM, Ingo Petzke <<>> wrote:

Hi Mark and Pip,
I find this only now after returning from a longer absence and would like to add a few lines. In fact, Standish was a bit "disorganized" as you can see by the fact hat he even planned to release a DVD with me on Red Avocado Film - to bring him to Osnabrück was my idea and done with my financial contribution. We even managed to shoot an interview documentary on the spot for inclusion on the DVD. Trying to continue this co-operation long-distance and all the while to no avail was more than frustrating - but such is life, sometimes. News of his passing away were sad but didn't come completely as a surprise. The only question that really matters now: is there a possibility for you to release a DVD of his truely essential work? I would simply LOVE to see it. And as for the interview film: I will probably upload it to the Red Avocado Film web site. In its edited version it's just a bit over 30 minutes but probably depicts one of the last times that Standish was up to the task and gave insights into his life and work. May this great and too often overlooked filmmaker rest in peace.

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