Most of the DVDs I've come across aren't copy protected, but it's still a two 
step process. Handbrake, which is freeware will rip the NTSC DVD to a mpeg 4 
format, then I use mpeg streamclip to make a mov file. With PAL DVD you can rip 
it with just mpeg streamclip.

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MPEG Streamclip will not do the job alone for commercial DVDs. They're copy 
protected. Capturing clips from them for educational/scholarly purposes is Fair 
Use, but the technology to defeat the copy protection is illegal.

AFAIK, there are only two current Mac apps that rip copy-protected discs:

'Mac DVD Ripper Pro'
This works pretty well.

'DVDFab Mac'  
This is a Mac port of a popular PC app. Can't say how well it works. The full 
version lets you select specific clips and out put in various formats. 

There's also a freeware version of the decrypter that just does the whole disc 
or main title:          
Once you have a decrypted file or VIDEO-TS folder, you can open it in MPEG 
Streamclip, define specific clips, and export them to a variety of formats.


On the Windows side, there are more options, most notably AnyDVD, which makes 
encrypted DVDs appear unencrypted to the OS, and thus you can use and copy 
conversion whatever software on them. The no-longer developed (i.e. shut-down) 
old reliables DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink still work on most DVDs.


You can always see what's available out there by checking the 'Tools' page on

The specific sub-categories are all for PC, and all the Mac stuff is gathered 
under 'MacOS video tools".
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