The Italian film manufacturing firm, Ferrania, have started a
Kickstarter campaign as of today to rescue "Trixie" (large scale
triacetate base production machinery), "Walter" (high volume chemical
synthesis lab) and "Big Boy" (industrial film coating facility).
$21,520 has been pledged of a $250,000 goal. The amount increased by
$3,759 by the time I finished formatting this news.

Their first limited release will be a "re-engineered version of
ScotchChrome - a 100 ASA, daylight-balanced Color Reversal (chrome or
slide) film, developed by the Imation company in the late-1990s and
produced by Ferrania until 2003. We will package this film into four
formats, 135, 120, Super 8 and 16mm."
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