Dear friends and supporters of Lawrence Brose,

As we approach the sentencing date of November 25, Lawrence’s attorneys
have submitted their report to the Court.  That report contains nearly a
hundred letters of appeal for leniency in sentencing.  Phil Fairbanks, a
staff reporter at the Buffalo News has been following this case and the
papers submitted to the Court.  His latest report in the Buffalo News
underscores the importance of the support everyone has been contributing
to Lawrence’s defense.

Lawrence felt this article was a reflection of support coming from his
community, for which he is humbly grateful.

Here is a link to the article for you to read and share:


The Lawrence Brose Defense Fund Team


We still need to remind everyone that freedom from this prosecution has
cost Lawrence dearly, financially and otherwise, and of the need to
continue to raise significant funds for his mounting debt. To make
tax deductible donations to Lawrence’s defense please log on to and donate to the Artist Fund for Lawrence

We encourage everyone to visit the defense fund website to
catch up on what is new, view the artwork that has been donated for sale
and read the compelling letters of support from notable people who have
voiced their outrage and concern for what is happening to Lawrence.

Thank you for your continued support.  Please share this with your own

The Lawrence Brose Legal Defense Fund Team

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