I'm wondering what you consider to be a foley studio? From what you describe it 
sounds like you are planning an isolation booth (or two). 

A real foley studio is a larger, soundproof room that typically has a floor or 
"pit" with removable sections of flooring that expose different surfaces 
(concrete, sand, dirt, linoleum etc) to primarily record walking, that can be 
adapted for other uses. There is often a wall of closets containing a large 
variety of props that can be used for creating sound effects.

Having had a facility with a foley floor I can tell you from experience that it 
is a fun thing, and foley artists can be truly amazing to watch, but the 
reality is that with today's budgets and workflow it is a space that is 
generally underutilized (outside of "Hollywood" productions). Most sound design 
these days is assembled on DAWs from a combination of stock and custom SFX 
libraries, supplemented by the creativity of the sound designer using props in 
the studio. 


Bill Seery

On Nov 8, 2014, at 7:00 AM, wrote:

> Hi folks,
> We are looking at constructing a sound booth that would ideally operate as
> a foley space as well. There is an existing classroom space roughly 15' by
> 30' that can be utilized. I know there are small phone booth like booths
> that can be purchased and constructed up to renovating the space into a
> proper two room foley studio.
> I'm curious what other programs have constructed to meet foley and
> recording studio needs. We'd like to construct something beyond applying
> sound-proofing to the walls!
> Thanks,
> Matt Shaw
> Media Technician
> Film Dept. Vassar College
> 845.437.5499

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