Sounds like a fantastic course, Kelly!

A few favorites (and I’m sure you are already familiar with many of these):

Removed and Hand Eye Coordination, Naomi Uman
Frank Film, Frank Mouris
Fuses, Carolee Schneemann
The Girl’s Nervy, Jennifer Reeves
anything by Jennifer West
Donna Cameron’s paper emulsion films
…ere erera baleibu icik subua arauaren…, Jose Antonio Sistiaga
Science Friction, Stan Vanderbeek
Solar Sight, Lawrence Jordan
Pixillation, Lillian Schwartz
Blushes, Kyle Beechey
Urine My Bed, Melissa Friedling
Jours en fleurs, Louise Bourque

And Belson, Brakhage, Lye, McLaren, Carl Brown, David Gatten, Steven Woloshen…

I’m happy to provide more—just let me know, and good luck with the class,


Gregory Zinman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Georgia Institute of Technology

On Nov 10, 2014, at 7:35 PM, Kelly Gallagher <> wrote:

> Hello frameworkers!
> I'm finalizing a syllabus for an upcoming handcrafted animation course, and I 
> wanted to reach out and maybe hear people's favorite handcrafted/experimental 
> animations (ie: cutouts, stop motion object animation, hand-painted 
> celluloid, experimental hand-painted rotoscoping, etc etc)-- from Lotte all 
> the way through Martha Colburn/ Jeff Scher/ etc. I'm especially looking for 
> work made by women, people of color, and other underrepresented makers. 
> Cheers!
> Kelly
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