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Check out 

"Assembled" by Becka Barker
she manually cut super 8 frame holes into 35mm film, and spliced in the super 8 frames into the 35mm film, frame by frame, and then scratched animation around on the remaining 35mm film frames.  

She recently completed a more digital project involving 3-D projection on a sphere called map-of-the-world, where she had people draw maps of the world from memory and then animated them all together, you could walk all the way around the sphere and watch the map of the world shift an morph as she animated people's remembered and imagined maps sequentially.  that was also quite beautiful!  hard to show in a class though, and i don't know if there is documentation.

It's beautiful!


On 2014-11-12, at 10:16 AM, Anna Swanson wrote:

Hi Kelly,

For contemporary work by very cool ladies:
Definitely check out the work of Britta Johnson ( and the SEAT folks (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) in general.
Also, Picture Start by Hannah White (


On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 3:24 PM, Dave Tetzlaff <> wrote:

I highly recommend the work of Jeanne Stern:

> I'm finalizing a syllabus for an upcoming handcrafted animation course... I'm especially looking for work made by women...

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