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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kastanienallee 77
D-10435 Berlin-Mitte
U-Eberswalder Str.

Urban space, the changes of the urban environment and the relations
between public space and people, these are the concerns of the artist
since his first stay in Chicago in 1999. Visual field research, the
photographic process and the inventive montage techniques, all play a
mayor role in his endeavor to realize these questions in artistic
ways. The genres essay film and experimental film thus intertwine in
visual dense and provoking ways in his work.

Klaus W. Eisenlohr combinates art projects in urban space, film,
photography, curatorial film practice and educational work in

This program presents some newer and older work. Phantasma Pripyat
discusses the strange attraction of the zone - the destroyed space of
the Chernobyl - for many people, photographers and urban explorer
alike. The architecture-related film "Slow Space" deals with the
questions of lack of public space in Chicago and has become the
starting point for further art works since.

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Slow Space:
Pripyat Film Programm

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