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>From May 18th-24th, Chicago's Links Hall is hosting LIVE TO TAPE, a seven
day, eight program festival of artist television. We're looking for old
works, new works and future works. Please submit *performance proposals*
and *moving image works* (for free) HERE
<http://livetotapefestival.tumblr.com/tvsubmissions> (through 1/15).

Even if you don't have works of your own to submit, I'm ecstatic to receive
favorite readings, essential materials, forgotten masterpieces, fresh
insights and recommendations either to jesse.mal...@gmail.com or

The festival is considering works where television plays a material,
formal, conceptual, platformist, antagonistic, inspirational (, etc.) role
and certainly interested in those terms being considered expansively.

Thank you!

*MAY 18-24, 2015, LINKS HALL, CHICAGO*

Seven days of Prime Time (new works), Reruns (historical works), one of a
kind Talk Shows, psychedelic cartoons, cable excess, and ecstatic static.
Since television’s inception, artists have been using and misusing it as
material, as form, as inspiration and as antagonist. Live to Tape asks
artists—performers, writers, moving image makers—to produce, reproduce and
explode television for a live studio audience. Watch as a new generation
channels and resets notions of the surf, the stream and the idiot box. They
catch phrases and dodge signals, radicalizing and re-envisioning the

Curated by Jesse Malmed
*(trailer <https://vimeo.com/116041998>)*

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*Trunk Show in the Chicago Reader
Floor at Hyde Park Art Center
<http://www.hydeparkart.org/exhibitions/ground-floor--2>1/23 Untitled (Just
Kidding) - University of Chicago Film Studies Center
Live to Tape: Artist Television Festival at Links Hall
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