I was off the list for a while and saved up questions.
All help is greatly appreciated. 
Please mail me back at 2206rec "at" gmail "dot" com or on this list.

-I'm building an installation where 2 Eiki 16mm projectors need electronically 
controlled focus and zoom.
Do automatic or electronic controlled lenses exist for 16mm projecors? 
Or do I need to build motors that move my original zoom lenses?
Anyone tried this already?
Anyone in the world likes to help with this? 

-The other installation I'm going to make has 4 flickering slide projectors.
In live screenings I use an old "Multiscreen Pro Fade" unit for this.
But I'd like a faster computer controlled system,
to make the projector lamps flicker at rates from 1 second to 1/50th of a 
Any system you can recommend? 
Do you know a technician for this in Belgium or the Netherlands?

-Is there a technician you can recommend in Belgium or the Netherlands who can 
make one functioning unit out of two half broken Honyewell Repronars?

-I can't get any grain out of my AgfaPhoto Precisa CT100 35mm slide film.
Using a slide copier and under exposing & over developing 2 stops didn't bring 
Are there other tricks?

-Is there a micro photographer in Belgium or the Netherlands who could help me 
one afernoon with his gear?

-Tomorrow we will screen Lilian Swhartz' films in AB, Brussels, free entrance!

Best wishes, 
Floris Vanhoof

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