Dear friends and family,

This is my last message to you about the Kickstarter campaign to finish my
Over the last several weeks I have cajoled and wheedled and pleaded with
you to pledge. Now I can only humbly ask.

There are 5 days left in the Kickstarter campaign. The good news is that,
right now, the project is 67% funded. 67%! But Kickstarter is all or
nothing:* if I don't get to 100% by early Thursday morning, I don't get
anything*. I will lose the $10,073 in pledges that have already been raised
from the 86 backers who have contributed thus far.

Here's one more reason to take a moment right now and click the shiny,
candy-like green button on the right side of this page
. *Through the generosity of an anonymous backer, all pledges made between
now and midnight on Sunday will be matched.* Your $25 pledge? It's suddenly
$50. Give $100? Voila: it's $200. Every pledge counts; and right now every
pledge counts for double.

So please. Pledge now
Thank you for your time, your help, and your patience. After 20 years, I am
so close to finishing *Pause of the Clock*, and with your help I will.

Rob Christopher
Twitter: @randomcha <>
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