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On 3/9/15 8:28 PM, "Gene Youngblood" <> wrote:

> I just checked, and WinX DVD does output .mov Quicktime files.
>> On Mar 9, 2015, at 9:10 PM, Gene Youngblood <> wrote:
>> Hi Adam,
>> We use WinX DVD for Mac. It¹s a very flexible and easy to use ripper. I
>> believe it only outputs Mpeg4 files (I don¹t remember right now), but you can
>> use Quicktime Pro 7 to convert to
>>> On Mar 9, 2015, at 8:08 PM, Adam Hyman <> wrote:
>>> DVD to .MOV on Mac OS Yosemite
>>> Hi all,
>>> Sorry to ask this simple question, but I just got a new Mac Book Pro, with
>>> OS Yosemite.
>>> How does one now rip a (commercial, region encoded) DVD to a ProRes .mov
>>> file?  Mac the Ripper doesn¹t work; Handbrake doesn¹t get you to .MOV.
>>> Boards online are cluttered with people hawking software.
>>> Best regards,
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