Try contacting Nicolas Rey:  <>.  I just sent him 18 
400’ rolls of 7240 that had been lying around forever, and he seems to think he 
can make good use of it.


On Mar 14, 2015, at 10:20 AM, Scout Fenn <> wrote:

> Does anyone have a formula for processing the older color reversal 7240 film 
> , which was intended for VNF-1 process, but possible in E6. I'm aware E6 
> process will provide result, but I'm hoping to achieve a higher contrast more 
> saturated image than what E6 results with this stock. Therefore, does anyone 
> perhaps have alterations to E6 or a VNF-like formula that may produce higher 
> contrast and color? Or perhaps a source? I'm hoping to process as reversal  
> rather than crossprocess. Thanks for any assistance .
> -robbie
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