Claude Chamberlan was the guiding force behind the creation and operation of 
Cinema Parallele. And for a number of years he has been the head honcho at Le 
Festival de Nouveau Cinema. Perhaps he could guide you to archival material 
dealing with Cinema Parallele. You should be able to reach him via the FNC 

I spent many an evening at Cinema Parallele, and still have vivid memories of 
some events, such as Ken Jacobs presenting, with limited success, one of his 
early 3-D performances, and Kenneth Anger, wearing a hockey sweater with 
"Anger" across the front, presenting something, I don't remember what. Anger 
was the show. Cinema Parallel, fronted by Café Melies, was the place to go for 
experimental/avant-garde film beginning somewhere in the mid-late 1970s until 
somewhere in the late '80s. Unfortunately, I don't have anything relevant to 
your research. I hope Claude can help you. It's possible that La Cinemateque 
Quebecoise has archival material of use to you. It's worth a try.

Good luck.

--Bill Wees

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Hi, list,

Does anyone out there have leads on writings/archives/information/other on 
previous microcinemas or alternative screenings and spaces in Montreal.

I'm particularly interested in the history of places/events that no longer 
exist and particularly:

Cinema Abattoir
Cinema Parallele


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