The G3 takes some time to get use and perfect but I've used both the G3 and the 
Lomo and I actually prefer the G3 and have near perfect results every time with 
both colour and b&w film. I only process as a negative though so less time in 
the tank. Don't give up on the G3!

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I realize that G3s do not produce the most consistent results and are kind of a 
pain, but when they work I actually really enjoy this aesthetic. I wrote this 
question because 90% of all responses re guarding inquiries about rewind tanks 
are dismissive, and just say "get a Lomo." I know that they offer more 
consistent results, I just happened to have been given a G3 and wanted to try 
it with the stocks and chemicals I had on hand, there didn't seem to be any 
specific times/temps about D-76 out there though it's frequently used in place 
of D-19.      
             I did about 16 winds on the 1st developer at ~22°C, 6 on the 
wash/stop and then 8 on the bleach. It turned out the tank had a small leak 
(which I noticed during the bleaching) so I threw it into a bucket at that 
point, did my re-exposure and followed times for bucket processing then. I 
didn't have positive results (literally). I had Fomapan 100 D8, 7222 and ORWO 
UN54 short ends stapled together for a total of about 90'. It seems like the 
ORWO yielded some image, but the film is so dense I can't tell if the reversal 
process worked or not, I still have to splice them together and throw them on 
my flatbed. I'm less enthused about the Morse now but I wanted to give it a 
shot before telling people to get a Lomo :). I'm guessing I either lost too 
much chemistry in the first developer or that I should have done something 
around 20-22 passes with the D-76.      
             In hindsight I had some doubts about whether or not my film was 
emulsion out but I don't see how it could have not been from the way I would it 
onto the reels. I may try again with a different tank at another time, but I 
would probably process at a higher temperature to reduce the development time. 
To have somewhat predictable results (desirable or not) with 1L of chemistry is 
pretty exciting to me. I'm going back to the bucket for now.     
On May 4, 2015, at 08:08, christopher nigel <> 
                          Hello the G3 are not the best to do home cooking as 
it;s come;s out uneven in the processing way better to get a Lomo tank .       
               On Sat, May 2, 2015 at 10:11 PM, Chris G         
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Dearest frameworkers,              
             I am looking for information regarding processing times/winds for 
G3-style tanks. I am going through some later today I am not finding a whole 
lot of specific info out there. I am mostly processing Fomapan 100 D8 and OWRO 
UN54 in 100' (30m) batches in a G3 tank.              
            I'm using D-76 (sans Potassium Thiocyanate) and a home-mixed 
Sulfuric Acid + Potassium Dichromate bleach. I mostly just need to know the 
approximate number of winds for the 1st dev, bleach and 2nd dev. It seems as 
though some keep the developer at a higher temp (74-78), but mine will likely 
be around 70F.             
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