Laura U. Mark's "The Ethical Presenter" is really interesting and a very
teachable text about programming. Available on Project Muse but originally
in *The Moving Image *Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2004.

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> Heyya folk,
>   A budding film programmer (in Europe specifically) recently asked me
> about books, articles, etc in general about film programming. I think he's
> looking for something on the practical end.
>   I obviously recommended the essential fourth issue of INCITE Journal,
> EAI's HD video guide, Canyon's projection guide, and just generally looking
> at articles about exhibits, screenings, programs of microcinemas, museums,
> festivals... anything else that you folk would recommend? Helpful art world
> books, articles, etc are welcome too.
> --
> ekrem serdar
> austin, tx
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