Hi Esperanza,

I have one work that was shot at night, and it’s mainly about the limits of 
visibility and perception. It was shot using a digital photo camera and the 
image is not processed in any sense, it’s the raw video recording without any 
kind of special camera techniques, effects, colours correction, etc. (By the 
way, the sound is not the original sound of the recording, obviously, it was 
created saving all the frames as sound, so what you hear is the same that what 
you see).

https://vimeo.com/121534631 <https://vimeo.com/121534631>
password: tormenta5k



> On Tue, May 12, 2015, at 07:49 PM, Esperanza Collado wrote:
>> Dear frameworkers,
>> A friend is preparing a film in which she will work in the limits of 
>> visibility, in the night, trying to force perception. Would you please 
>> recommend experimental film references apart from Liotta, Dorsky, Dwoskin? 
>> It would be interesting to get references of films and videos in which there 
>> is no use of special camera techniques such as time-lapse or night-shot. 
>> Many thanks!
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