Last minute announcement for Londoners:

A series of research sessions on the evolution of amateur media will be
kicking off today at the Birkbeck Cinema, 3pm.

Press release and links below:

>From Home Movies to Homs: The Past & Present of Amateur Media is a 3-part
series of events that will bring together anthropologists, artists, film
and media scholars, and researchers to trace the historical trajectory of
the amateur film, and to explore its current status. Amateur film now
saturates online media discourse, and the moving image is a medium of
choice for social communication, personal memory, and documentary record.
Diffuse mobile communication networks and new film technologies, in
particular the camera phone, are reshaping the formal language of the
moving image and refashioning the representation, mediation, even
construction of the self. Every camera phone owner is now a potential
film-maker, frontline reporter, witness and surveillance node, and
privately made media now has the power to shape public understanding of
events on an unprecedented scale. Through screenings, presentations and
open discussion, the sessions seek to outline the transformation of the
amateur film from a private pastime to a locus of social media
communication, news content and political action. The workshops are led by
Noah Angell, Francis Gooding, and Lee Grieveson, but will include
contributions from other scholars, artists, and media makers; they will
feature extracts from various collections as well as from the film *Lux
Imperium*, currently being made by Angell and Gooding
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