You could resize it to 1080p, then black bar the bottom and top. Maybe with 
adobe media encoder? Or compressor definitely can. If it's h.264, it'll just 
take a while to render. In compressor, I think you'd just select "preserve 
aspect ratio" in one of the settings, then it'll put in the horizontal bars 



> On May 28, 2015, at 9:32 AM, Kelsey Velez <> wrote:
> Hey Frameworks,
> I'm testing out Google Maps as a terrain for video-making. The footage, 
> exported and recorded through Quicktime, is compressed as an .MOV file. The 
> aspect ratio is apparently HUGE so editing in Premiere and then trying to 
> export the final product as an .mov file is a problem. Basically even though 
> my sequence settings are set to match the footage, which is apparently very 
> large, I am unable to compress without losing basically a third of the 
> perimeter and somehow getting a weird zoomed in image. Does anybody have a 
> clue how to explain this? Go slow. 
> Kelsey
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